Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Har ek Friend Zarori hota hai... We need every friend.

A very good thought is "A friend in need is a friend indeed". In our every happiness and sorrow we need some one to share the things. Because by sharing feelings it feels good and we realize that there is someone to whom we can share everything.

In our life, the best part if we miss is the time passed with friends. There is also a nice add made by Airtel. "Hark ek friend jaroori hota hai". Please watch the video below I loved this Video for my friends.


So yes of-course we need all type of friends as everyone has its own specialty. Friends may be male or female it does not matters but what matters is understanding between both of them.

Now a days the most important factor is Trust....
If you cant trust your friend then you can't make him/her a friend.
First we should trust on our friends if trust breaks then there is no chance of friendship.

We should value our friends. Friendship is the most important relation which only depends on understanding and trust. We should never try to hurt our friends as it hurts more than the family members.

If we have hurt anyone by mistake then we should also say sorry for the same as our ego is should not be the reason of breaking of friendship.

Do friendship and keep friends. Because to make friend is easy but to keep friendship is so hard.

So keep making friends and keep blogging. :)

Monday, April 20, 2015

What is Net Neutrality? A very good explanation. Great salute...

If you don't know what is net neutrality then please watch the below video it has superb explanation about it.

Every one should know about this. Great salute to this person who has made such effect to make awareness among us.

Think Green Act Green & Go Green

Think Green Act Green & Go Green

Trees are decreasing day by day. As humans are increasing day by day, for the living of them self human is cutting down the trees.
If this will continue then every thing will be over. Please see the video below what will if the same will continue.

So to prevent this we have to act from today and now only.Because...

 "Every person is the right person to act. Every moment is the right moment to begin". THE Time to Act is Now! 

Taken from go green

We can do this by replanting the trees if each of us will plant only one tree then also it will be enough to protect the world.

We can also do REUSE or RECYCLE to protect the environment.
So let us join the campaign at this link  click here

Saturday, April 18, 2015

CYANOGEN Lolipop version is ready to be release

For Cyanogen OS users now the wait is over.

Finally the Cyanogen team is ready to release the lolipop version with in few days.

Cyanogen Lolipop Version is a much awaited version and this will resolve all the issues of previous version.

Even am also waiting fot it from many days and finally that day is going to come.

My request to all friends is that please share your reviews after updating.

For more information please visit the forum link below.

To know more click here

Lets cross the fingure and hope for the bestnfor Cyanogen Lolipop.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Object Oriented Programming Concepts Part-1

Object Oriented Programming Concepts part 1

We are programmers and now the world is only using Object Oriented Programming (OOP)s concepts.

Many of us don't have clear concepts about all the fundamentals of OOPs, and if base is not cleared then we cant do well programming.
So this tutorial will provide you a very short and descriptive meanings of Terms in OOP.

Main word in OOP is Object. So what is this Object?
Let us take Universe example so in this, we can treat Planets like earth, Mars, Neptune etc as an Object.
Further going inside the Object earth it has many things like human, trees, vehicles etc.
In the same way we can imagine a Car made up of different objects like steering, wheel, body etc.

In the same way we have object oriented programming which assumes everything as an object and used in a software using different objects.
Object Oriented Concepts:

Let us define important terms of Object Oriented Programming.

Class: Programmer defines a data type, in which he writes local functions as well as local data is called Class. A class is same as a template through which many instances can be made as object.

Object: This is an individual instance of the data structure defined by a class. You can define a class once and then make many objects that belong to it.

Member Variable: Variables which are inside a class are known as member variables. This will be invisible outside of the class. Once an object is created then these variables will become attribute of the object.

Member function: Functions which defined inside a class and are used to access object data are called member function.

Inheritance: When a class is defined by using existing function of a parent class then it is called inheritance. In this child class will inherit all or few member functions and variables of a parent class. Types of inheritance Single, Multiple and Multilevel.

Polymorphism:  The ability to appear in many forms i.e in this if function is used for different purposes then it is called Polymorphism. Eg. if a function is used by passing different number of arguments for different purpose.

Overloading: It is a type of polymorphism in which some or all of operators have different implementations depending on the types of their arguments. Operator overloading and function overloading.

Data Abstraction:  It is the ability to provide only essential information to the outside world and hide their background details means to represent the needed information in program without presenting the details.

For its understanding Let's take one real life example of a TV, which you can turn on and off, change the channel, adjust the volume, and add external components such as speakers, VCRs, and DVD players, BUT you do not know its internal details, that is, you do not know how it receives signals over the air or through a cable, how it translates them, and finally displays them on the screen. 
Thus, we can say a television clearly separates its internal implementation from its external interface and you can play with its interfaces like the power button, channel changer, and volume control without having zero knowledge of its internals.

Example Taken from click here

Encapsulation: It is a concept that binds together the data and functions that manipulate the data, and that keeps both safe from outside interference and misuse. 

Data encapsulation is a mechanism of bundling the data, and the functions that use them and data abstraction is a mechanism of exposing only the interfaces and hiding the implementation details from the user.

Constructor: It is a special type of function which will be called automatically whenever there is an object formation from a class.

Destructors: it is also a special type of function which will be called automatically whenever an object is deleted or goes out of scope.

Hope this will help in your understanding. Further if you have any doubts please feel free to contact or do comments.

In the next we will see examples on these all...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Today's generation is FNF... Fast and Furious... #CantWait4Zenfone2

Today's generation is FNF... Fast and Furious... #CantWait4Zenfone2 

Friends suppose the below condition...

That you have given $86400 to use in single day. conditions of use are as under:-

1. You cant buy any property
2. You cant make it fixed deposit.
3. you cant give to another person.
4. you have to use all money in one day only

Money remains at the end of day will be of no use and taken back.

So every one will try its best to use all the money with its best. Every one wants to utilize it so wisely and accurately with proper management but this is possible if we can do more in less amount.

The same 86400 is the seconds given to us per day ... have we ever thought or planed to use it so wisely that every second will be utilized.

Actually mostly answer, means the general answer is No. but if we save a single second than it matters a lot.

Single Single small drops make a river... "Every bit helps" so now let us think about this 86400 seconds.

Most of time we are engaged in our smart phones for mails, calling, doing text etc... If our phone is slow so due to it our many time is wasted in waiting only.

So to save you time the Bosses of phone has arrived yes it is Zenfone 2. It has the below main configurations:-

  1. Its 4GM DDR3 RAM gives a drastic fast experience like laptops and computers it also gives 2x faster transfer speed as compared to other smart phones.
  2. Fast charging battery which charges in 39 min up to 60%.
  3. camera is of Front 5 Mega-Pixel, Fix Focus, Wide View, PixelMaster and Rear 13 Mega-Pixel, Auto Focus, PixelMaster. Camera with zero shutter lag with Pixel Master, which helps to click every pics which was missing earlier.
  4. Intel® Atom™ Quad Core Z3580 (2.3GHz), PowerVR G6430, with OpenGL 3.0 suppor Intel® Atom™ Quad Core Z3560 (1.8GHz), PowerVR G6430, with OpenGL 3.0 support.64 bit 2.3 Ghz Super quad core Intel atom processor 7x GPU performance and 6x CPU performance.
  5. It also has a record breaking touch sense of 60ms. It means its response time will be much less after an user input.
  6. Display is of 5 inches, Full HD 1920x1080,IPS with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, you can user without screen guard with scratch resistance 
  7. Battery is of 3000 mAh Li-Polymer (non-removable) which is enough more to user it due its fast charging technology.
  8. Storage of the phone is dynamic 16GB/32GB/64GB eMMC Flash. 5GB free lifetime ASUS Web-storage so you can choose it as wisely as you want.
  9. Network is 2G,3G and off-course 4G with super fast speed.

All the above features of Asus Zenfone 2 is made to save your precious time. As today in this world Time is Money.

As per the above example you can manage your time and use it wisely in the way you want. Only if you have the fastest smart phone.

So wait for its launching and grab the phone.

Note: The 18W BoostMaster adapter is included with 2.3GHz/4GB ZenFone 2 model only

For more details about phone please visit ZenFone 2

Friday, April 10, 2015

Life without Google...

Ofcouse life will be there without Google. life exists before Google and it will without Google also.

Now a days human being are much more dependent on technology. Life without mobile...? life without TV...? Life without Electricity...?

But there are many people who life without all these and they are living a happy life with their family. Without all these there will be much more conversion and interaction between family members. They spent time with each other.

So, Google is just a way to make life easier. Google is a package of many things such as mails, drive, Google+ for daily use.
Also it increases business through Google ad words and Google ad sense.

Today WWW is the new world which is created on internet and to find any thing in this technical world we are using Google. Also there are many other engines and mails and same products but we are using which is more easy and user friendly.

User interface of Google is so easy and efficient so people are using it.
Life without Google is same as life without internet. But still the life will exists and it will also be a happier life.

I was surfing and also found a nice blog "one day without Google" link is below refer if you wish to do so.